There is no such date frozen.  Whenever you are ready you can start this programme.  

For formalizing association with NHC All India, it is 7th June 2022, 5.00 PM.  If someone 

has missed watching the programme but connects with me later to associate with NHC 

All India, then, if there is vacant spot available, it may be considered.  

The expenses have to be borne by the NGO who is commencing this program in their 

respective State / City / Village.

In North Roti and Dal or Subji and in South Dal Chaval and Subji 

No NHC will not provide Kitchen. The NGO can either manage with their own kitchen or 

they can outsource Caterers who can cook on your behalf and take the responsibility of 

Distribution and Serve the children. 

No only 1 NGO can take the State Head and manage recruitment of 12 City NGOs.  if 

there are 24 cities or more than that under 1 State, then for every 12 City NGOs 1 State 

can be recruited. 

Yes.  Publicity Collaterals / Artworks will be provided by NHC. However, printing of the 

same has to be done by Implementing NGOs 

Yes, more ideas and ways to raise funds will be taught during the special weekly 


State Head NGO will pay Affiliation Fee of Rs. 1.5 Lacs to NHC All India 

City Head NGO will pay Affiliation Fee of Rs. 25000 to State Head NGO.  Max 12 City 

Head NGOs can be recruited by State Head NGO which means, Rs. 3 Lacs revenue 

opportunity is available to State Head NGO.  


Village NGOs will pay Rs. 10000 to City NGO


City Head NGOs can recruit 12 Village NGOs.  Revenue possibility for City NGO is Rs. 

1.2 Lacs.  

Yes possible to share but only after the respective NGO has paid Token Money.  After 

Token Money Payment once the Agreement Draft is shared, the State / City / Village 

NGO has every right to cancel the association and the Token Money paid, will be 

refunded to NGO without any deduction.  

Yes, it will be shared during Weekly Master Class.

Please check Project Execution Document.  Here is the Google Drive Link for the same. 



In this document it has been explained that the NGO can either give this opportunity to
SHG Members or hire a Professional Caterer who can supply the food. 

For the payment of Rs. 25,000 or Rs. 10,000 the first and the foremost benefit for them 

is the brand name which they can associate with.  NHC is an established NGO in the 

country.  Second good reason for them is the benefit of getting LMS Access where they 

can learn how to fundraise for their program and they will be part of a large NGO Group 

Third benefit is that they will get funding support from Mother NGO No Hungry Child as 

and when Government Funding, CSR Funding and Foreign Funding comes to them. 

Fourth benefit is that even if the third benefit is not there, they will still get some funding 

support or the other from the City and State NGOs when more and more NGOs join this 

programme by paying an affiliation fee. 

As State Head and City Head, we must impress upon the NGOs that they have to be 

prepared to learn online or hire some computer professional who has basic skills. If they 

still say they are not prepared to learn or hire any computer professional, we should not 

recruit such NGOs as we are totally dependent on Social Media Fundraising only.  

Mother NGO will give fund support as and when Government Funding, CSR Funding 

and Foreign Funding comes to Mother NGO.  Mother NGO will also fund them as and 

when more and more NGOs are recruited.  But to become self sustainable, we will teach 

them how to fundraise and this is the best support any NGO can expect.  The fund flow for them will be every day.  When Mother NGO started, they depended on Online Fundraising only and today the Mother NGO is self sufficient and are growing towards supporting other NGOs also.  This can happen to other NGOs also who are willing to collaborate with NHC.  

Once you sail through one year of association with NHC, from the support the NGO

gets, it will motivate them to renew their relationship with NHC.  Even after building such 

a good relationship with NHC if they still feel it is a burden for them, they have the option 

of leaving the group.

This question is answered in Q 14.  LMS Access will be given to all the NGOs who are 

collaborating with NHC.  They will be part of NHC WhatsApp Group where every Senior 

member will start helping each other.  

Every NGO will always start with a point why should they pay.  Since we are providing lot 

of benefits such as LMS Access, WhatsGroup Association, Weekly MasterClass, 

Funding support they should come to associate with NHC only by paying this Affiliation

Fee.  Every organization has their own policies and our policy is to provide NHC Brand 

name only if they are willing to pay, else, we don’t recruit them.  

Village / Rural NGOs have to become self sustainable.  They have to learn to fundraise 

from Social Media which we will be teaching them through LMS Access.  Apart from this 

they will also get support as and when Mother NGO gets Bulk Funding from 

Government, CSR and Foreign Institutions.

Here is the draft. 


Dear ……………………….


I am ……………… Founder of ………………………. have collaborated with No Hungry Child, Bangalore, with a vision to eradicate Hunger death in this country.  


I hope you will be interested too in this project and express your interest in associating with us in the capacity of City NGO / Rural NGO 


As a City NGO, you will get opportunity to recruit 12 to 36 more NGOs who will be part of your Team who will implement this Nutritious Meal Program by 

paying an affiliation Fee of Rs. 10,000 to you through us.  


You will have a Fundraising opportunity of raising Rs. 1.20 Lacs to Rs. 3.60 Lacs in a span of 3 months time.   Out of this funds raised, you will pay No Hungry Child 

an affiliation Fee of Rs. 25,000.  Please note both City / Rural NGOs and yourself will pay this amount every year, as long as you are associated with this Program.  


If you are interested to know more about this project, please send a token money of Rs. 2500 payable to No Hungry Child and take rights of your City / Rural location.  


The payment of Rs. 2500 should be made to 


No Hungry Child

Kotak Savings Bank Account

SB A/c No 7611862263

IFSC Code – KKBK0008039

Find below the list of collaterals for you to understand more about this organization 


Website – https://nohungrychild.in  




YouTube – https://youtube.com/gvsridhar171  


Facebook – https://facebook.com/vsridhar62