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Date : 2nd February 2022 (Wed)

Time : 11.30 AM

It was April 2020 Lockdown Period. When the whole world was going through Lockdown and no business was doing well, I shifted my Gear and moved into the Digital World. It’s truly amazing experience. Couldn’t do such a good Real Estate Business offline but online it’s possible.
I then started getting followers and I am now proud to say over 3000 people are there in my Community now. Out of this 55 people are in the inner circle of mine.
Digital Systems were introduced, Narayan from Goa could generate over 250 Buyer Leads in a span of 30 Days.
Uptal Mehta was able to crack a Rental Deal of Rs. 12 Lacs per month.
Geetha was able to sell 16 Sites in a span of just 45 days.
Chandrasekhar was able to close of deal of Rs. 2.3 Crores which gives a brokerage of over Rs. 6 Lacs.
If you are from Real Estate Industry or interested in getting into this Industry learn from the Expert. I have over 18 Years of experience in Real Estate Industry and have grown from Zero Income to greater heights today.
Join this 3 days Master Class. You will learn the following
a) Why 85% of Agents fail in Real Estate Business.
b) How do you identify a genuine & serious buyer ?
c) How do you generate 200 Buyer Leads in just 30 days time ?
d) How do you nurture your leads for faster closure of deals ?
e) How can you become Digital Real Estate Expert.
In the recently concluded 3 days Workshop, I demonstrated to one of the participant how to generate leads for his Rs. 9.5 Crore Bunglow which is for sale in Pune.  The participant was just shell-shocked to discover how simple it is to find a Lead for such property.  You can also discover how this can be done.  
During the Class, based on your quick response to questions, you will be given a Free Gift which is valued at Rs. 999/-
Recently I concluded 3 days Workshop and for 2 people I have demonstrated Live how to find Genuine Clients. I will show in the class how you can find genuine buyers.
Click the following link and make payment. Thereafter join the WhatsApp Group. Wait for further Updates about the class in the group. 

Learn How To Generate 200+ Buyers Lead In 30 Days

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Looking back where I began my life’s journey, I will talk about the time I began my Entrepreneurship Journey.  

 I was heading Education Division of a Large IT Company which was doing a Turnover of over 500 Crores in the year 2000.  When I joined this organization, the turnover of my department was just 1 Crore and I took this company to 45 crores in just about 18 months time.  It was Nov 1999 and I was invited by my Chairman and I was informed that I will be promoted as Vice President of the Company and that I should be mentally prepared to take up 160 Crores as the target for next year.  My salary jump was informed and it was 2 X than what I was drawing as a General Manager.  

 But by December end, Y2K storm hit the IT Industry and all of sudden there was business loss, collections were low and from January the Company could not pay Salaries to the Staff.  People who were at the top management level were the worst hit and I succumbed to no salary for almost 9 months.  

 It was then I took a decision to become a Real Estate Entrepreneur and from then there is no looking back.  From Zero income to building an empire today, is in itself a successful achievement and I am very proud of myself.  Quickly wish to state here, I am not Arrogant Proud but Humble Proud.  

 Now I wish to help Real Estate Agents who are presently suffering in the market without business as they are not aware how to go about doing it.  

I am committed to create 100,000 Digital Real Estate Experts in this country.  Are you with me too ? 

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Learn How To Generate 200+ Buyers Lead In 30 Days