Hi, I am V Sridhar !

A Digital Real Estate Specialist | Coach | Social Entrepreneur.

I am on a mission to create 100,000 Digital Real Estate Experts across the country

I am on a mission to help 10,00,000
People acquire financial freedom

I am also on a mission to Help 10,000 NGOs across India become self sustainable

A bit about me

Looking back where I began my life’s journey, I will talk about the time I began my Entrepreneurship Journey.   

 I was heading the Education Division of a Large IT Company which was doing a Turnover of over 500 Crores in the year 2000.  When I joined this organization, the turnover of my department was just 1 Crore and I took this company to 45 crores in just about 18 months time.  It was Nov 1999 and I was invited by my Chairman and I was informed that I will be promoted as Vice President of the Company and that I should be mentally prepared to take up 160 Crores as the target for next year.  My salary jump was informed and it was 2 X than what I was drawing as a General Manager.

A bit about me

The promoter of the company Mr. V Sridhar has had a very strong and successful stint in the corporate world. Being a General Manager of Large IT Organization whose turnover in the year 2000 was above Rs. 500 Crores and in just about a month, he was to become Vice President, Y2K Recession hit his career and he struggled for six months continuing in the same organization without Salary. Competitor Company immediately pulled him and paid same salary that he was earning but it was just for a month. From the second month, giving Y2K as the reason, there was 80% salary cut, since he was in the Top 2 positions of the company.

It was then, he decided to start his Entrepreneurial career and choose two verticals (a) Real Estate and (b) NGO Sector. He is now proud Franchise Business Owner of RE/MAX located at Basavanagudi, Bangalore.This profile is updated in 2020 now and if you see the journey from 2000 – 2020 as an Entrepreneur, this journey has been amazing for him. He has reached pinnacle of heights in his wealth acquisition and giving back to Society. In Real Estate Industry, he has now become a “Digitial Real Estate Specialist & Coach”. He trains quite a large number of Real Estate Agents on ‘how they can succeed’ in this business despite the Lockdown period.

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